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Industrial Cable Glands

Industrial Cable Glands

The CCG industrial cable glands range is extensive and covers just about every size and type of armoured and unarmoured cables for every kind of cable gland installation. Our range of armoured and compression cable glands are designed for installation in diverse and demanding environments such as those found in the power generation, mining, industrial, construction ,rail, defence and marine industries. The Captive Component Gland® design has been recognised within these industries as the obvious choice because of the built in safety and wastage saving features. CCG glands are manufactured from high quality machining brass alloy CuZn39Pb3 to internationally recognised standards BS 2874 and BS EN 12164 and are nickel plated as standard. Other material options are aluminium to ASTM BS221 or stainless steel 316/316L. The industry demands long term reliability based on stringent testing for mechanical, ingress, electrical and environmental factors. With this in mind CCG industrial glands have been independently tested and certified to the latest editions of the BS/EN/IEC 62444 and SANS 1213:2017 standards as well as the previous BS 6121 and EN 50262 standards. In addition to these standards CCG’s industrial range has undergone independent testing for EMC, short circuit fault currents, LSOH, extreme temperatures and extreme IP 68 tests (100m 14 days and 850m 24 hrs). CCG industrial glands also have London Underground approvals and marine approvals with the American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd. By surpassing the requirements of the standards we can confidently give additional guarantees that our cable glands will perform to the expected life of the installation.

LSOH Glands

LSOH Glands

With an increase in the amount of cable installed in residential, commercial, industrial, public buildings, metro rail tunnels and underground mining operations, the specification of Low Smoke Zero Halogen LSOH cables and accessories is increasingly becoming a mandatory requirement. During a fire, LSOH cables will emit a less optically dense smoke which makes exiting a space easier for its occupants as well as increasing the visibility during firefighting and rescue operations. With zero halogen cables, the chance of toxic gases accumulating which are life threatening to people and corrosive to computer controlled systems, is significantly reduced. In order to match the LSOH characteristics of the cable it is necessary for the seals, gaskets and shrouds of cable glands to perform to the same LSOH standards of the cables. CCG has a full range of LSOH cable glands and shrouds which have been tested and certified to EN 45545-2 and IEC 61034-2 – low smoke and IEC 60754-2 – halogen free standards. CCG’s LSOH range of cable glands and shrouds meet the London underground fire safety standards and as such are have the London underground approval number LU-3043.

Protective Earth Glands

Protective Earth Glands

Earthing is the process of creating an alternative path for the flow of fault/excessive currents safely into the ground in the presence of minimal resistance or impedance. Integral Earth Cable Glands The CCG IE gland is designed for MV and HV installations where an external protective connection with low resistance from the gland to earth is needed. The CCG IE gland range has been independently tested to the maximum short circuit fault current ratings as per IEC 62444 which are:

  • 26 kA for 1 second for gland sizes 20mm to 40mm
  • 43 kA for 1 second for gland sizes 50s and above.

Insulated Cable Glands The CCG Insulated gland is designed for earth neutral systems whereby the armour of the cable is isolated from the equipment in order to reduce electromagnetic interference on sensitive instruments or for stopping circulating eddy currents developing on single core cable installations.

EMC Glands

EMC Glands

EMC, or electromagnetic compatibility, is the ability of equipment, cables or systems to function satisfactorily in their electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances to any other equipment in that environment. With the increased use of variable speed drives (VSD), instrumentation and control, wireless data acquisition and communication in industries, the reliance on EMC cables and enclosures to maintain signal and power integrity has become increasingly more important. Although cable glands do not emit electromagnetic interference (EMI) they are connected to cables that could form part of an installation that could emit or be susceptible to electromagnetic interferences. Because electromagnetic emissions can be effected by the quality of the connection through the gland to the cable armour or metallic sheath and to the equipment, CCG has a range of cable glands designed primarily to be used with cables that are EMC compatible. CCG’s EMC glands have been extensively independently tested according to EN 55011 and EN 55022 EMC standards for Class B radiation emissions. Most of CCG’s hazardous areas glands are also EMC compatible and these glands are indicated with the symbol

Power Generation

Alstom, Bechtel, China Light and Power, ESKOM, Hong Kong Electric, International Power, Siemens, Tarong Energy, Tenaga National, Western Power.

Transport and Communications

Airports Company South Africa, Bangkok MRT, Bombardier, Channel Tunnel, Chep Lap Kok Airport, World Cup Soccer Stadiums, Gautrain South Africa, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, MTRC Hong Kong, Singapore MTR, Telcom, West Australian Transport Authority.


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