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Our guys like to use the resin injection process as it gives them a confidence that a 100% barrier is created; increasing the safety of the installation as well as how easy the resin is to install and use. This keeps our downtime to a minimum, maintains an efficient workforce, minimising potential lost man hours.

Mark Catlow | Electrical Superintendant
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We chose CCG Glands solely for our most recent project of which we used in excess of 5000 units. Our reasoning for use of the CCG QuickStop gland was ease of installation, simple yet highly efficient design, cleanliness of end result along with accurate filling of voids around the cable ensuring optimum safety of the installation.

― Glen Arnott | ADX Electrical P/L

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Jack Dunne
E&I Supervisor / Estimator

We were introduced to the E1EXQS in 2013 and upon learning the time saving and ease of installation benefits, we immediately rolled them into our stores for use on all our client’s projects. These range from skid manufacture, brownfield Lease pad works to Compression facility shutdown/capital works etc.

Our team have found the E1ExQS to be superior for the following reasons.

  • Faster resin curing times
  • Resin is translucent and not subject to storage temperature conditions.
  • Smaller footprint than other glands on the market.
  • Resin application is cleaner and easier with the mixing injection nozzle
  • Reduced likelihood of reworks post inspection significantly.
  • Resin syringes can be reused later if not completely depleted.
  • Captive component technology. Negates the risk of losing gland internals such as the cone or backing ring.
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CCG Quickstop EX range is highly recommended by BJCHI and we can guarantee customers satisfaction in both its supply range and customer service. BJCHI intend to continuously use the CCG range due to its market leading equipment and support.

– Steve Maling | Electrical & Instrumentation Manager
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Everyone I have shown your QuickStop cable gland has been impressed with the ease of installing and effective seal between the conductors. Using the liquid resin instead of putty has truly simplified the task of making effective compound filled gland seals.

― Colin Baker | Partner & Principal Consulting Engineer

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… the response and support that CCG have displayed can only be described as ‘best in class’

Robert Mitchell
Electrical Department
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